The beginning level of bodybuilding is designed to introduce a person to the different workouts and training schedule of a bodybuilding program. If you are a beginner, you may have realized substantial fitness gains from your current program. However, you will experience diminishing returns on your results if you just stick with your program and don’t move to the next level. The strength and endurance you’ve built up so far are to be used for the more intense intermediate bodybuilding routines to boost your results further. Below are some of the adjustments you need to make to move from beginner to intermediate level:

Sleep for 7 to 9 hours – Our body needs time to recuperate from all the stresses it endures everyday. Sleeping is used by our body as a time for recovery and repairing muscles. Our sleep can be categorized into different cycles and most of the recovery happens during the REM sleep cycle, or what we commonly refer to as deep sleep. Your body won’t improve until it recovers and 7 to 9 hours of sleep will give your body a solid recovery time.

Increase your level of intensity -You’ll need to work towards higher intensity and fewer reps if you want to increase muscle mass. You’ll only get stronger when you build up your muscles and push yourself to a point of ‘fatigue’, or the point where you cannot lift or push for another rep. During the beginning stages, you may have been involved with doing several sets and reps with lighter weights to become comfortable with the movements. At the intermediate stage, you’ll need to reduce the number of sets and focus on increasing the level of resistance.

Watch your diet – When you’re training for increased strength and performance, making sure your body has enough quality nutrition is essential for your success. Bill Pearl, the author of the bodybuilding book “Getting Stronger”‘ explains that your body will need calories from the right sources protein and carbs so that you can build new muscle and recover from the intensive workouts properly. Make sure your diet is full of lean proteins, whole grains, and fresh fruits and vegetables so you can make the most out of your exercise routine.

Rest less frequently – Keep moving as much as possible during your workout session to push your muscles to its limit. Rest less frequently in between sets or in between exercises to get the most out of every workout.

Keep up with the cardio – Don’t substitute cardio workouts for resistance training at any point of your training program. You’ll still need to pace yourself with at least three 30-minute intensive cardio sessions per week. This will help increase circulation, boost your metabolism and condition your heart and lungs.

Natural Supplementation is an Effective Way To Enhance Your Well Being and Strengthen Your Performance. Stemulite is a New, All-Natural Supplement, Used by Many Bodybuilders and Athletes. People Also Frequently Report Having a Deeper, and Fuller Sleep when Taking Stemulite Before Going to Bed.


Increased muscular endurance can only be achieved by combining strength and endurance activities, and following a sound nutrition program. To be able to see and feel better results from your training, incorporate several strength-training and cardiovascular routines into your workout routine and maintain consistency over several weeks so that you will effectively increase muscle size and mass. Invest your time and energy into taking up new sports and optimize your form and performance in each, so that you can increase your strength and power, because different sports require various levels of flexibility, coordination, and endurance. This allows you to avoid a workout ‘rut’ and also experience significant muscle gains in a short period of time. To make sure that you get the right protein intake and all the other essential things needed to build muscles and aid muscle recovery, take a high quality supplement like Stemulite.

Athletes are encourage to perform many repetitions against a given resistance for an extended period of time in order to increase muscular endurance, as recommended by  Tudor Bompa and Michael Carrera, expert authors of the book “Periodization Training for Sports”. When your goal is to increase power and stamina, focus on explosive movement to push your muscles to the max and challenge several core group muscles at the same time. The authors also encourage athletes to focus on the following key essentials for training:  coordination; flexibility; agility; mobility; and aerobic endurance. Increasing agility is important for bodybuilders because it increases range of motion in all of the core muscle groups and joints, and also helps the athlete build endurance in cardiovascular exercises. Gymnastics, football, figure skating and soccer are some of the exercises and routines that can increase agility. All of these sports and activities require using a combination of speed, flexibility and power at irregular intervals, which challenges the body and conditions the heart and lungs for optimal performance. Increasing endurance is accomplished with exercises that require sustaining movement at a relatively high intensity. To have the energy to perform the endurance exercises, make sure to have the regular intake of a high quality supplement like Stemulite Fitness Formula.

Sprinting, cycling, kickboxing and rowing are other ways to perform endurance exercises. These exercises also condition the heart and lungs, but require exerting a significant amount of power at regular intervals. These types of exercises can help to increase endurance in a very short period of time, and may also complement a standard weight training routine.

Increasing flexibility can be difficult for most bodybuilders who are usually very focused on lifting. Intensive stretching routines and activities that require using both large and small muscle groups in short bursts are typically involved in flexibility training programs. To extend core muscle groups through their full range of motion is the goal of flexibility training. This can help any bodybuilder improve muscle strength over time, because it allows for easier energy flow throughout the entire body during the workout session.

Improving coordination can be an ongoing process, and is another element of fitness that may be difficult for the average bodybuilder. Bodybuilders may not be as well-coordinated in performing stepping routines during an aerobic workout session or executing simple dance sequences even if most have ample coordination abilities for lifting weights. Bodybuilders who incorporate a wide range of activities into their workout routine and achieve their fitness goals with ease, being able to improve coordination will help with muscle flexibility, strength and agility, and taking part in activities that improve coordination will help. Achieve your bodybuilding goals by improving coordination and giving yourself the energy that you need for the endurance exercises by taking Stemulite supplements twice a day.

Does your busy lifestyle make it difficult for you to keep your head in the game and focus on your day-to-day activities? Many who are struggling with stress take herbal supplements that they believe will solve their problems, not knowing that the effects may only be temporary. Stemulite, on the other hand, is a new supplement that offers long-lasting mental benefits.

The key to Stemulite’s efficacy in boosting mental performance is that it promotes a more healthy metabolism, which, in turn, encourages your neurotransmitters to function more efficiently. The end result is that you can concentrate more deeply, remember things more easily, and simply feel more alert and energetic. If you want to achieve these results without risking the potentially dangerous side effects of poor-quality supplements, Stemulite may be for you.

The Effect of Neurotransmitters on Your Mental Performance

The influence of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, seratonin, and GABA on your thought process and the way you feel cannot be overstated. Some neurotransmitters govern your energy level, while others can make the difference between an anxious, stressed mental state and a relaxed, content one. Needless to say, if the levels of certain neurotransmitters are out of whack, the result can be poor performance, lethargy, and feelings of inadequacy.

Dietary supplements that support healthy neurotransmitter functioning can improve your mood and improve mental performance on a regular basis. When neurotransmitters are not able to cross the blood-brain barrier, you may notice several negative mood states and feelings of lethargy, low motivation and even depression. Stemulite contains several ingredients that enhance neurotransmitter functioning, which can help improve mental processing with ease.

Ingredients in Stemulite that Promote Enhanced Mental Performance

Here are just a few of the key ingredients that Stemulite incorporates, and some of the ways in which they contribute to your mental well-being.

L-Carnitine – this amino acid derivative, in addition to lessening the effects of oxidative damage on cells, enhances memory and improves concentration.

Alpha lipoic acid or (ALA) is beneficial by way of its metabolic effects, improving the way in which energy is transported throughout your body and therefore giving a significant boost in physical and mental functioning. It is often taken as a supplement by bodybuilders who want to increase their energy and achieve peak performance.

Eggplant extract – this extract contains an alkaloid that can help improve muscle and tissue development. This means you can enjoy the benefits of improved tissue repair, which may also help with better mental performance over time.

Indium enhances physical and mental performance in a wide variety of ways. This earth mineral, in addition to promoting the availability of oxygen to your muscles, stabilizing hormonal imbalances, promoting healthy function of the adrenal system, and increasing cognition, has been linked to enhanced memory and more restful sleep.

You should always be sure to nourish your body with healthy foods and consistent physical activity, but a supplementation program incorporating Stemulite or another all-natural herbal supplement will do wonders for your emotional state, memory, and ability to focus on your daily tasks, without your having to worry about the side effects and mood swings that come with some other supplements.

Natural Supplements can be a Beneficial Way to Enhance Your Well Being and Strengthen Your Performance. Stemulite is a New, All-Natural Supplement, Used by Many Body-Builders and Athletes. People Also Frequently Report Having a Deeper, More Restful Sleep when Taking Stemulite Before Going to Bed.

You can get better results from your consistent workout regimen and with a sound nutrition program with the aid of a complete nutritional supplement, and have the increase in muscle size, strength and endurance that you want. Almost all professional bodybuilders and athletes go through ‘phases’ during their training programs to ensure they are meeting their performance goals and eating just enough to feed their muscles. Eating large amounts of protein, eating small meals, and taking supplement throughout the course of the day is essential for success, and to maximize muscle gain, this is usually done during the off season phase.

After going through this phase, bodybuilders go through several other phases that requires them to change the amount of carbohydrate-rich foods, lean proteins, and supplements like Stemulite to be able to support each stage of their rigorous training program. It is possible to create an effective training program that will give you the results you need by understanding what is involved in each phase.

The Off Season – The goal of this phase is to build as much muscle as possible. According to Louise Burke, author of the book “Practical Sports Nutrition”, bodybuilders support their performance outcome by eating high amounts of protein and healthy carbs throughout the day. To make sure they are meeting their protein requirements and will be able to create an eating plan around their workouts to further enhance results, they usually follow a consistent schedule of these foods.

Hypertrophy Phase – During this phase, it is common practice to follow a very rigid eating plan that means eating every 2-3 hours – even overnight. The goal here is to eat just enough food to maintain weight and allow the body to increase strength. This is done with careful selection of muscle-building foods and healthy carbs that provide sustainable energy.

Competition Prep – Most bodybuilders begin their competition preparation between 6 to 16 weeks before the event. This period requires a bodybuilder to maintain a schedule of sustained weight loss up to the event and involves severe calorie restriction to reduce body fat. Losing body fat, and not muscle that was built up over the off-season is the primary goal of this phase. This can be achieved by eating low-fat, high protein meals, or replacing a meal with a complete nutritional supplement like Stemulite Fitness Formula, and coordinating meals with a consistent workout regimen.

Cutting Phase – This involves severe calorie restriction to stimulate rapid fat loss, and typically occurs before the competitive event. Many bodybuilders rely on supplements to achieve nutritional balance as they drastically reduce their calorie intake. So that the body can recover easily, this phase includes intensive circuit training routines and more rest.

Post Competition – Since bodybuilders have been on a strict diet for up to 6 months before a competition, many bodybuilders consume enormous amounts of food immediately after the competition. This can be a health hazard for many, especially for those that end up gaining a lot of weight in a very short period of time. Bodybuilders who want to avoid weight gain during this stage can ease themselves into a healthier eating program so that they can maintain some of the results they worked so hard for and not compromise their health in the process.

With the different phases most bodybuilder goes through, maintaining a steady nutrition program is not easy. However, sound nutritional principles, using a supplement like Stemulite, and working with a nutritionist or dietitian throughout training can help you increase your chances of long-term success.

All bodybuilders, athletes and fitness enthusiasts that want to improve their stamina and performance and keep their body in great shape throughout training season need to adhere to a quality nutrition program. High protein shakes are a necessary addition to the average training nutrition program because they are easily digested and can help with the muscle repair and recovery process almost instantaneously.

Among the many choices of protein shakes, supplements and powders, many athletes favor products that are made with whey or soy protein. There are some high protein shakes and supplements that only contain rice protein powders, creatine and other forms of muscle enhancing ingredients. Whey and whey protein have special properties that are not in milk protein, as stated in the studies specified in “Amino Acids and Proteins for the Athlete” book by Mauro G. Di Pasquale.

High protein shakes can be made at home with protein powders, fruit, yogurt, oatmeal and sweeteners and consumed as a meal or as a snack between meals. They are also available in ready-to-drink formulas from a number of supplement companies, and these are convenient for individuals who are always on the go and do not have time to make their own shakes or prepare foods at home.

High protein shakes contain a number of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals, and many are ?complete meals’ and can be substituted for food. Ready to drink shakes may be nutritionally balanced and the perfect addition to a low-carb diet. Since many bodybuilders and athletes adhere to these types of diets, consuming high protein shakes at regular intervals throughout the day can help them meet their daily nutrition requirements and ensure that the calories are coming from a healthy source.

Whey protein and other types of protein supplements can also provide a steady source of energy and improve overall metabolic functioning. High protein shakes made with fresh fruit, juices and oatmeal are chock full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that help support a healthy metabolism and provide a boost of energy. These shakes can be consumed immediately after a workout for muscle repair, and reduce the risk of low blood sugar levels that are a common side effect of intensive workouts.

Still, one of the biggest benefits of high protein shakes is the rapid digestion and absorption rate. There are only a few foods that athletes and bodybuilders are advised to consume after an intensive workout, since the foods eaten immediately after exercise are likely to be absorbed and utilized more quickly than other times of the day. Consuming a high protein shake immediately after a workout ensures maximum absorption so that the nutrients can help with the muscle recovery process within hours. This reduces the risk of injury and can also keep the appetite under control.

For better results in gaining muscle and to improve efficiency of metabolism, consume high protein shakes, protein powders and supplements when your body is at its peak absorption rate. To get maximum absorption and to remove hunger pangs, consume supplements after exercise or in between meals. The excellent quality and high nutrients value found in protein powders and shakes can be part of bodybuilders and athletes diets, giving them maximum efficiency for every calorie consumed.

Natural Supplementation is a Beneficial Way To Support Your Well Being and Improve Your Performance. Stemulite is a New, All-Natural Supplement, Used by Many Body-Builders and Athletes. People Also Frequently Report Having a Deeper, and Fuller Sleep when Taking Stemulite Before Bedtime.

Bodybuilding is not just about increasing muscle size and strength. It offers several health benefits as well as it complements your usual cardiovascular routine. Bodybuilding can also reduce body fat while building up lean muscles and improve endurance. Read on if you are new to bodybuilding to understand these basic bodybuilding guidelines.

1. Set realistic goals. Bodybuilding is not a shortcut to attain your desired body but rather a continuous process towards fitness. Be honest with yourself about how much time you can commit to this endeavor. Your results will largely depend on the time and effort you put into your training. You should design a bodybuilding program that you can perform over several weeks.

2. Perform cardiovascular workouts as well. Cardiovascular workouts develop stamina and endurance and these would help you in your bodybuilding workouts. When starting out, look to incorporate three or four thirty-minute-sessions of cardio per week into your program.

3. Add variety to your routine. Bill Pearl, author of “Getting Stronger”, advocates changing up routines regularly. Adding variety to your routine will push different muscle groups and can increase your motivation since you are not performing the same moves over a long period. Experts recommend bodybuilders to change their entire routine every four to six weeks.

4. Dress properly. What you wear in the gym has an effect on your workout as well. The right shoes and clothing can make your workout more comfortable and prevent possible injuries. Besides, wearing the right clothes can make you feel good about yourself every time you look in your gym’s mirrors.

5. Take your ‘before and after’ measurements. Taking pictures and measuring yourself frequently throughout your training program can be very motivating and help you stick with your program for the long term. Keep track of your progress with pictures and a workout log; you don’t have to share these with anyone, and can turn to them whenever you’re feeling unmotivated or ‘stuck in a rut’ with your workout routine.

6. Mental Training. You might think that weight training and bodybuilding is purely physical, but your training would also involve a great deal of your mind as well. You would need self-discipline to stick with your program. You would also need determination and concentration to go through pain and difficulties. You would inevitably develop mental toughness as you push yourself to your physical limits.

Starting out a bodybuilding program is not hard. Just remember to put in the necessary time and effort in your commitment and you’ll soon see noticeable results in no time.

Natural Supplementation is a Beneficial Way To Enhance Your Well Being and Strengthen Your Performance. Stemulite is a New, All-Natural Supplement, Used by Many Bodybuilders and Athletes. People Also Frequently Report Having a Deeper, and Fuller Sleep when Taking Stemulite Before Going to Bed.

Proper nutrition is the cornerstone of an athlete’s career. Still, many athletes do not realize the importance of this or they’re just simply clueless about the subject. Not knowing anything about nutrition will lead to bad habits that then result in an unsuccessful career. Take for instance bodybuilders who take weight loss to the extreme before a competition. Extreme weight loss produces a lot of stress on one’s body and this can lead to a difficulty in increasing muscle mass and strength over the long-term. Following a good nutritional program designed for an individual is just a matter of recording his food and caloric intake and matching it up against his recommended nutritional needs.

Many misconceptions surround nutrition. Fairly recently, high protein diets have become popular. However, limiting yourself to eat only protein has its downsides. Catherine Jackson in her book “Nutrition for the Recreational Athlete” maintains that a high-protein diet often causes irritability and lowers endurance in an individual. Avoid the pitfalls of a poor diet by eating enough calories and selecting the right foods. Below are some warning signs indicating that you might have poor nutrition and some tips on how to get back on track.

Get enough protein from a variety of sources – Strength is an important factor in maintaining a regular training program and too little protein affects strength. It would be ideal if you were getting your supply of protein from a variety of sources. Eat lean proteins such as chicken, tofu and egg whites to make sure you’re getting enough of this nutrient in your daily diet.

Being moody and irritable – Moodiness and Irritability is actually brought about by low blood sugar. This can be interpreted as a sign that you’re not eating enough carbohydrates. Not eating enough carbs can also affect your ability to concentrate and focus during your weight training routine, so eat healthy carbs at regular intervals throughout the day to optimize your results. Get your fill of carbohydrates from fruits, vegetables and whole grains for optimal blood sugar level.

Getting sick more often – Getting a cold or catching a flu that doesn’t go away could also be signs of a weakened immune system. Combat this by incorporating different food groups into your diet. Consume foods that are high in B vitamins and minerals such as milk, fish and soybeans.

Decreased speed – A lot of people starve themselves before training. This practice is actually counter productive since you’ll mostly run out of energy in the middle of training. You’ll need to eat some type of carbohydrate at least 1 hour before your training session, if you want to increase your speed.

Low Motivation – Lack of motivation is a sign of burnout. Make sure you’re eating small meals throughout the day to maintain a steady level of energy. Distribute your food intake throughout the day to stabilize your energy level. Successful athletes are generally known to eat at 2-3 hour intervals.

Poor nutrition can actually derail your training efforts. A great way to boost your training is to take nutritional supplements, such as Stemulite Fitness Formula. Eating alone is sometimes not enough and so supplements can help make up for any nutritional deficiencies. Take Stemulite together with a proper nutritional regimen to boost your training results and performance.